US Tax Returns at LKA Chartered Accountants

Whether you are a US Citizen, Green card holder or you own income-generating assets based in the USA, you likely will be required to complete and file an annual US tax return. We can help you with:

• US Tax Planning
• US Tax Returns – 1040 or 1040NR
• Foreign Bank Account Reporting – FinCen114
• IRS Streamlined Procedure – catching up delinquent filers

US Tax Returns

We have the dual handling US and UK expertise needed to review your overall tax position, so that the US and UK tax filing position is aligned, and you are not taxed twice on the same income.

Non-US persons with certain US source income such as rental income, US partnership income or gains arising from US real estate must also file US tax returns for non-resident aliens, 1040NR.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting

If you are a US citizen, resident or Green card holder and you have foreign bank accounts holding more than $10,000 or are a signatory on a foreign bank account, you are required to file a report in addition to your US tax return.

IRS Streamlined Procedure

If you are behind on your US taxes, we can help you to become compliant using the IRS Streamlined Procedure. This programme is designed for delinquent taxpayers – those who are late or have never filed – who can certify that their failure to previous report their income was not intentional. Taxpayers benefit from this procedure by avoiding penalties for late filing.

How we can help

We understand the complex interaction between the US and UK tax systems so that your worldwide position is optimised, and you won’t pay more tax than you need to.

Based in Thames Ditton, our highly qualified and experienced advisors prepare US and UK tax returns in the same team so you can be sure everything has been considered. We pride ourselves on the personal, cost-effective service we can offer you as a small, local firm.

To find out more please contact Nicola Dunn, our Senior Tax Advisor. Nicola is a specialist US and UK tax professional with over 30 years’ experience. Call us on 020 3915 8585 or email

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