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What is a tax investigation?

HMRC has the right to check your tax affairs at any point to ensure you pay the right amount of tax – both now and historically.

What does our Tax Investigation Service Cover?

LK & Associates offer a Tax Investigation Service to protect you from the professional costs, stress and uncertainty brought about by an HMRC enquiry. Sometimes known as Fee Protection Insurance, this insurance pays our fees to respond to the enquiry on your behalf.

If you are chosen for an investigation, we will assist you every step of the way. Our tax investigation service includes:

  • Representation from us in the event of an HMRC investigation.
  • £100,000 fees indemnity on this insurance backed service with no excess.
  • Peace of mind that we will deal with HMRC on your behalf.

In you are in business our service also includes the furlough support package – this is especially important since HMRC are increasing their investigations into checking the legitimacy of businesses furlough claims. This package includes:

  • Representation from us in the event of any HMRC enquiries relating to claims made via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.
  • Access to HR Advice for any HR issues within your business, this extends to the specialist furlough team who can advise on all HR issues.
  • Health & Safety and Legal telephone advice line.

How would I be chosen for an HMRC Investigation?

With an estimated tax gap of £35 billion between what HMRC should collect and what it does, there is increasing pressure for HMRC to recoup this shortfall. This is especially critical now, given the vast sums of money the government has spent over the past 18 months to stabilise the economy.

HMRC identify and target areas where they believe tax is a risk. They use sophisticated software to check a wide range of data sources and look for any anomalies or triggers such as consistently submitting tax returns with errors, continually filing tax returns late, your costs or expenses are unusual and may be above the industry norm, or you report a large increase or decrease in income, but ultimately anyone can be chosen.

Our fees for this service start from:


Annual Fee + VAT 

Personal Tax Clients £120
Sole Traders (Not VAT Registered) £150
Sole trader (VAT registered) £180
Limited Companies (not VAT registered) £200
Limited Companies (VAT Registered) £250
c c

To access this service please fill in the Booking Form and return to us at Our Tax Investigation Service will give you peace of mind that you have professional representation every step of the way.

If you would like to discuss this service in more detail, please call 020 3915 8585 or email

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