Matt Archer-Davis from The Bright Click, one of our trusted business partners, outlines how diversifying your marketing channels can spread your marketing risk and can lead to an increase in your brand growth.

After speaking with two potential clients in the last few days – both relayed the same problem to me – “growth across the last twelve months has been slower than we had anticipated”.

Taking a deeper dive into their marketing efforts across the last year or so, it became clear why.

One of them was over-reliant on using Google Ads – and in the last year their keyword (PPC) fees had increased, meaning that their £500 monthly ads budget wasn’t stretching as far as it used to.

The other had been relying on referrals from a strategic partner to grow their business across the last five years or so – however this specific partner had changed direction in recent months and so wasn’t sending over new leads as regularly as they had been previously.

We see this all the time – it’s what can happen when you stay glued to one channel – if that channel dries up or even worse gets switched off completely, then you can quickly be on the wrong end of the ‘feast and famine’ cycle that emerges when you have no predictability over your lead flow. 

Here’s the good news though – there’s a very simple answer to solving this

  • A multi-channel approach.
  • Diversify your marketing channels. 

You should absolutely keep those existing channels live if you can, but once you start factoring in email marketing (this alone can work wonders), remarketing, content generation / blogging, SEO, social ads and the like, the lead generation landscape starts to look very different indeed.

This essentially spreads your marketing risk – in much the same way as gambling.

Say you have a paid ad on Facebook / Instagram but it fails for whatever reason – then that’s it, you’ve put all of your eggs in one basket but it didn’t work – sometimes they don’t, it’s all part of testing, measuring and learning.

But if you have paid ads on Facebook and Google, then email marketing automations and on-going campaigns plus a solid customer loyalty programme – suddenly that’s five different opportunities to generate a lead.

If that Facebook ad still bombs, the same ad on Google could explode, you can then market and upsell to your new leads / customers and invest more into the elements that are delivering the best ROI.

So, my simple advice:

Spread your marketing risk to increase your brand growth.

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