Watt about HR software?

Claire Watt of Ditton HR, one of our trusted business partners outlines the importance of HR software for business owners in accordance with GDPR regulations.

When business owners are making important decisions about their businesses, the decisions need to be underpinned by accurate data. People data is essential when making decisions around headcount, restructures, redundancies, absence management, employee satisfaction and salary information, to name but a few.

In addition to HR data reporting, employers need to hold all employee data securely and in accordance with GDPR and employees need easy, instant access to their personal data such as their employment contract and company documents such as the employee handbook.

Employees and employers need to have an easy and accurate way to request, authorise and monitor leave requests such as holiday, jury service and unpaid leave and other members of the team need to be able to see when their colleagues and managers are away from work to ensure sufficient cover.

I have lost count of the number of times I have had someone say to me that an employee is always off sick and now they want to start formal procedures but when asked they have no accurate records of previous sicknesses and have never held a return-to-work meeting!

All these issues can be solved with good HR Software.  Even if you only have a few employees, it will ensure that you are GDPR compliant, make HR process such as booking holiday and logging sicknesses easy, and if you choose carefully, it is very reasonably priced!

HR software aims to manage & automate the employee journey from start to finish. With a system in place, you’ll save valuable time on everyday HR tasks such as:

  • Holiday booking, approval and management
  • Sickness and absence tracking
  • Onboarding new employees and offboarding leavers
  • Managing expenses
  • Producing HR reports
  • Logging time
  • Streamline your recruitment with applicant tracking
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Rota management
  • Storage of employee documents eg: employee handbooks and manuals
  • Upskill your employees with E-learning modules

The benefits of having a good HR software in place include:

  • Saves valuable time on HR Admin and there saves you money!
  • Improve efficiency
  • Keep your data secure
  • Enhance the employee experience
  • Access data from anywhere
  • Can run reports which help inform your business decisions

Ditton HR have partnered up with Breathe HR to offer clients a user-friendly, cost-effective HR software. For businesses with under 10 employees the core system only costs £13 per month!  If you would like a free demo and/or trial, please contact info@dittonhr.co.uk.

About Ditton HR

After an 18-year career in companies such as Samaritans, Revlon and Habitat, Claire Watt decided to make the move to being an HR independent and founded Ditton HR 10 years ago. Ditton HR offers operational & strategic HR support to SMEs and assists larger organisations with HR projects.

Claire has been interviewed by HR Director magazine, spoken on Brooklands Radio about HR and Covid, discussed Covid and remote working on a mental health podcast, been an expert panel member on ’The future of work’ for IRIS, has written several HR articles for various publications and is an author for XpertHR.  Claire also won the ‘Inspirational Indie’ award at the HR Independents 2022 ‘Supercharge Your HR Business’ conference. The award was peer nominated in recognition for inspiring and supporting other HR Indies and making a significant positive difference towards the HR Indies Community.

You can find out more about Claire and Ditton HR by visiting www.dittonhr.co.uk and www.linkedin.com/clairewatt.