Xerocon London 2024


Xerocon 2024 Some of the LKA team had a memorable trip to Xerocon London earlier in June. The event was attended by over 3000 other accountancy professionals and was a valuable way to learn about upcoming Xero product developments, new Xero partner app technology and better ways of working for our clients. It was [...]

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In the news: July 2024


HMRC contacts pending ROR claimants Provisional claimants are urged to make a valid claim by 31 January 2025. HMRC is writing to taxpayers who made a provisional business asset roll-over relief (ROR) claim on asset sales in 2020/21 and haven’t replaced it with a valid claim. The deadline for making a valid claim is [...]

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Business valuation: Knowing your company’s worth


Essential knowledge for accurate market assessments Understanding your business’s value is more than a number on a balance sheet – it’s a crucial indicator of your company’s health and future potential. Whether considering a sale, seeking investment or planning strategic moves, a precise valuation provides robust information. With this article, we aim to guide [...]

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Managing your HR


How are you going to manage your HR this year? Managing your team takes up a lot of time and there could be a better, more cost-effective way for you to manage your HR this year. Running a business requires headspace for you to really focus on what matters, and to do that you [...]

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Relevant Life Policies


Tax efficient Life Assurance Cover for Limited Company Directors David Fear of Roebuck Mortgages and Protection Limited explains how a Relevant Life Policy works and it could be more cost effective for company directors. Many company directors are unnecessarily paying personally for life protection cover,  when it is likely to be significantly cheaper for [...]

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News round up – June 2024


News round up - June 2024 House prices fall for the second month in a row House prices fell by 0.4% in April to £261,962, following a 0.2% drop in March. UK house prices declined for the second consecutive month in April, influenced by uncertainties around interest rates and rising mortgage costs, which impact [...]

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Understanding credit control


Understanding Credit Control (and how to improve it) Understanding your business’s credit control is crucial for maintaining a steady cash flow and safeguarding the business's financial health. But how does a business improve its credit control? In this article, we will explore the key aspects of credit control along with strategies to ensure your [...]

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Personal tax planning


LKA Guide: Personal tax planning in 2024/2025 Navigating your finances with confidence Whether you’re navigating the complexities of income tax, considering investment opportunities or planning for your future, understanding the nuances of the UK tax system can help you make informed decisions,  it’s now more important than ever to take a proactive approach to managing [...]

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